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New Virgo Moon - September 1, 2016

It is once again time to set the seeds of our intentions (New Moon).

With the new Moon in Virgo, it is a particularly good time for organizing and planning so that in the future we can put our goals into motion. Our organizational skills will be rewarded with clarity and understanding if we pay attention to the details. Be careful not to obsess over the details, however. Stress is exhausting and the cause of “dis-ease”.

Our need for planning is reiterated by Mercury which is currently in retrograde motion. Be sure to do your homework before you move forward. Seeds will not grow if they are not nurtured.

The energies of this New Moon want us to be of service, to be hands on, to heal. It is a perfect time to put such as Reiki into practice or maybe plan to take a course to learn this ancient art of healing. It is also a perfect time to be of service to our own human vehicle – our bodies. Plans for a healthy new beginning would be ideal for seeds to be planted under the Moon in Virgo.

Stay positive for the rewards we reap in life are mirrored by our attitude and the seeds we plant.

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