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Is there truly a past, present and future? What is time?

In physical terms, we can say we are here today and we may be gone tomorrow, (tomorrow being sometime in the future). The past, present and future are all concepts. Time is manmade.

On a spiritual level, we never die. We are energy and energy is perpetual. We move on from this physical realm as we now know it.

Many of us believe that we are connected with God, whatever your concept of God may be. If God has always been, what is our starting point? We are energy. Energy is perpetual. Do we then have a beginning? Some believe that we are part of God. We have been told that God is indivisible. How then can we be part of God? Is it fair to say that we are part of the whole and have no beginning?

Again, time is manmade. From a spiritual stance, there is no beginning and no end, so time is only important in human terms. We were born during this life time as who we are, we learn, we mature, and we die physically, but the death we experience is only in body. In spirit which is formless, we live on and enter our next stage of evolution in our energy form, whatever that may be. Some say we return to our origin, but if we have always been, what exactly is our origin?

We are spiritual beings living in a physical experience. Perhaps to get a clearer picture, we need to go deep within to rediscover recognition of our core self. Many of us feel very limited with the time we have for self rediscovery because our days in this body are limited. If we are limited in time for this discovery, how long do we have to make this discovery and how elaborate will this discovery be?

Should our focus be self rediscovery or should we live our life and enjoy the moment?

We learn through experience and we can enjoy our lives during every moment we exist.

Be here now so that we do not miss out on any experience. Allow and enjoy where life takes us. Live it, love it, share it and have fun while we are here.

Do not take yourself so seriously that life’s grip is too tight and we are not able to expand. Allow! Accept! There is no time like the present.

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