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The energies of a planets in retrograde in an Astrology chart tend to make us look inward. Those with several retrogrades in their chart (and the magic number seems to be 5) tend to be introverted, even subdued and much to themselves. The energies have difficulties working their way to the surface and are stifled. It takes great effort to bring the energies to the surface and make the necessary adjustments to challenge these, so-called deficiencies. Personally this astrologer does not believe in deficiencies. I tend to look at it as harnessed energy waiting for the opportune moment to be released.

Those people without retrogrades in their birth charts are of the minority. It is said that roughly seven percent of people have this phenomena. It is believed that the energies of all the planets are released and given free reign and allowed to flow freely. This in turn can create an individual who may lack patience and they often avoid using a cautious approach. The waiting game is not part of their nature makeup and they much prefer to move things along.

There is usually great energy behind these individuals and they work tirelessly towards the achievements of their objectives in life. They have strong willpower and are persistent in their efforts to succeed. They move forward similar to Aries often advancing with little afterthought if any and they rarely disbelieve in their own abilities. As a result, they are normally quite successful. Some individuals without retrograde planets in their chart do fall from time to time; however, this will not stop them from getting back up and moving ahead again. Their determination is steadfast and they rely on no one for approval or even assistance. They believe in their own abilities and also stand behind their failures for they are valuable lessons. These lessons are not cause for alarm. “Let’s just start again and see what happens” could be their motto. “If it does not work this time, perhaps it will the next time”, or “I will just need to make some minor adjustments” would be statements you would hear from these individuals.

They are self-reliant and self-determined. These traits can make them great entrepreneurs. They are willing to take the plunge and often without much reserve.

Most of these individuals would prefer to work alone. This, however, can make them somewhat aloof and even distant as they unconsciously withdraw into themselves. They may even feel misinterpreted and misjudged by others, because of this loner type mentality. But this is only in extreme cases and it is wise to take into consideration the whole chart before drawing up any conclusions. There are many things in the chart that can offset some of these characteristics, but moving forward and going it alone is quite common for someone without retrograde planets in their chart.

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