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No Shortcuts

There are some individuals that are fortunate enough to have come into this life fully aware and awake to life’s usually hidden gateways to the subconscious. The deeper realms of being, for these individuals, are met face to face upon their acknowledging to the mystical side of life. Some consider this awareness a gift while others are uncomfortable with this “supernatural” awareness due to social stigma.

There are countless individuals on the journey to awakening, each moving at their own pace towards enlightenment. It takes time and most of us must shed several layers of ingrained thinking before we will be open to the ability to reach these higher realms of existence. The largest obstacle to overcome is the ever insistent drive that comes from the bloated ego, as this mental “me” portion of self must be quieted in order for awakening to take place--at least on a level that makes us think that in some way we are better and therefore superior to anyone else on one or more levels.

It is said that those that truly permeate this realm are truly humble. Although they are aware of the uniqueness of their character, they do not consider themselves in any way superior to others. To attain enlightenment, is it not important to review our focus on material status over the focus of being one with our true essence?

Is there a shortcut to awakening? I truly believe that awakening moves at its own speed. Only when we are truly ready to take that next step forward will that door open and the opportunity present itself.

We are all on this journey. We are all headed in the intended direction, each of us precisely where we are meant to be. We are spiritual beings living in human form, here to learn the lessons that emerge from physical form.

Open the doors to your being and allow the love that resides within. Can we not be the light for others? Should we not lead by example and utilize our light?

Your true inner brilliance cannot be manifested, it just is. Awakening takes place when you are ready to move in your intended direction-- no sooner, no later. We are all unique and separate, yet joined as one. We are one--whole with the pure essence. We are light. We are love.

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