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Today we are continuing our focus on the North Node and will look specifically at North Node in Aquarius. Please read our introduction contained in our post on November 30 to get an understanding of the overall influence of the North and South Nodes. It will assist you in understanding the information we are about to provide for the North Node in Aquarius.

With the North Node in Aquarius, the South Node, which is always exactly opposite to the North Node, would be in the sign of Leo. The North Node is the path ahead or for some the path already in motion. The North Node’s positioning in the sign of Aquarius suggests that this individual is here to pursue humanitarian endeavors. For some this positioning suggests notoriety or working together towards a goal that benefits all. Group involvement can be important in this life and if they are not meant to lead the group, they are encouraged to share their ideologies within that group or on a larger scale.

These individuals are not here to gain recognition and promote themselves which was likely part of the profile with the South Node is in Leo. These individuals are here to pursue a path that leads to enlightenment and as they are encouraged to follow this route, they can in turn share it with others. They may find that many others do not understand their ideas and perceptions, and some individuals may not be ready to hear the Aquarius North Node’s message. This may be due, at least in part, to the fact that Aquarius North Node individuals are somewhat ahead of their time. Because of this, they can lose some of their followers but opening the door to greater insight is the prime objective for themselves and for others.

The water bearer is their Astrological symbol, and this is what they are here to do. They are here to open the door and bring insight, in turn leaving behind anything that holds them back or others back from achieving this. They are here to overthrow or distract others, so they move away from any primitive matters that no longer suit their evolutionary path forward. There is a movement taking place in our world and these individuals are part of it. Complacency is not part of the path and reluctance to advance a cause is not the answer.

Do not forget that the North Node is not an easy path as it is unfamiliar, but life will push us in whatever direction our North Node is suggesting.

New fields in Science may be a part of the profile as the Aquarius North Node individual forges ahead sometimes in quick unexpected manners. There can be sudden realizations and intuitive insight and flashes of intellectual supremacy although ego is not involved. This is due to Uranus’s input as it is the ruling planet of Aquarius and sometimes moves in unexpected and rather dynamic ways. These individuals can expect the unexpected in this lives and profound insight with new and unexpected revelations will be part of the path ahead.

Technology can be taught through education but a lot of what these individuals are searching for will be innate and found within. Inner guidance is strong, and they may find that although they connect with people in their circle with the same views, they are somewhat alone on this journey. They know they are different from most, but are comfortable with this knowledge.

Awakening to truth is the objective and Aquarius North Node will discover it through life’s experience and unforeseen acts and coincidences that can occur when they least expect them. Although the path ahead is a little unpredictable, they will move ahead when the timing is right, often put in place by transits and progressions to the Nodes in their Astrology chart.

Be open and have faith in what is yet to come. It will be all-inspiring.

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