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As mentioned in our post from November 30, 2020 “North Node in Virgo”, the North and South Nodes also known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail and these two nodes are always opposite one another. The North Node is linked with energies associated with Jupiter and the South Node is linked with energies associated with Saturn. Both energies can be used in a positive sense however. The North Node is tied to this life and what we are meant to pursue and push ahead with, regardless of obstacles. The South Node is tied to a previous existence of significance also tied to this life but its energies should not be used to find shelter in. The North Node can be uncomfortable due to the newness of the experience and the South Node is a comfortable place because we are familiar with its path. Please see our November 30, post for a little more general information on the nodes.

With the North Node in Aries, the South Node would be in Libra. Those with their North Node in the sign of Aries have come into this incarnation to propel themselves ahead in life, often without the help of others. They are entrepreneurs and are often the first ones when it comes to pushing ahead, even at the cost of mistakes that will be made along the way. This is in part due to rushing and not taking the necessary time to assess all the details and the potential for failure before leaping ahead.

This, however, does not matter with a typical North Node Aries that knows their path. Reluctance is not part of the picture and they will push through or at least should push through adversity or setbacks to achieve what they set out to do.

North Node Aries individuals who are pursuing their path are self-directed, motivated, action oriented and leaders. This is the path that they are meant to walk even if they run into challenging conditions along the way.

If you have this positioning in your Astrology chart and find that you are dependent on others for advice or rely on someone else to start a process for you, you are working from the wrong end of your Nodes.

With a Libra South Node positioning, in a previous incarnation, you held little regard for what you wanted. You always had someone else’s best interests at heart, and you did what you could to support others and, in many cases, this would have been your partner. Now some Libra South Node individuals may marry and others have decided to do this on their own. The South Node Libra had a strong desire to create peace and harmony in all relationships and would bend over backwards to assist those that came to their door. Now, in this incarnation, they must push ahead with pursuits. This is not an ego centred objective. They are here to learn self-reliance and depend primarily on their own resources.

Libra is a balancing sign, and this time around, things may seem a little lop-sided as they seem to be leaning more in their own direction. These individuals should be pushing forward and not so much for the sake of others as they did in a previous life. Now they should be pushing in directions that are building character and inner resolution essentially building confidence in their own abilities.

If they fall short, they will need to pick themselves up and not get caught up in the “failure attitude”. They must pick up and start again until they get it right.

This life is about the Aries North Node individual so they are to propel them self and not to worry about where that might take them. They are to be a leader in their own right and stay on course.

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