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We continue our focus on the North Node signs.

Please see our posts on November 30 and December 2 for information on the importance of the North and South Nodes in Astrology which are always opposite one another. Reading the introduction to these posts will give you a little more understanding of the Nodes before diving into any specific sign the Nodes are in.

With the North Node in Cancer, our South Node would be in Capricorn. With this North Node positioning, and remember we may not feel overly comfortable moving in this direction, although life will push us towards this path, our objective has to do with nurturing, taking care of others and emotional teachings. Our directive may be linked to family and caring for their needs, whether this be through direct physical contact, which is most likely, or nurturing their needs through mental stimulation from an emotional perspective.

We are here to develop our senses and intuition and this life is a “sensing” life, where we take on energies and assimilate them into daily living. We need deep emotional impacts and will base life’s experience from these experiences. We may want to keep our emotions hidden from others and may not like the intensity that we are inclined to feel but this is where the life lessons stem from. Mental stimulation is important but feelings are much more relevant for this life’s experience.

We may find under this placement that we instinctively know something without anyone providing us with that particular information. The intuition will be developed, and guidance comes through the deeper recesses of our being. Some are here to develop their psychic abilities; others are here to learn what nurturing is about not just in the doing side of things but also in the receiving side of things.

In a previous life we had little time for family as our prime objective was to gain recognition and move ahead in the material world. We wanted to make a name for ourselves and spent most of our time pursuing this goal. We likely climbed the ladder of success and had to choose not to be close to our family. Now we are here to learn primarily through family matters, building an environment that is warm and friendly.

Our emotions might have run deep in a previous life, but we did not show them. We would have been reserved and even may have seemed cold to some. We built our life on what we could achieve. As a disciplinarian we might have been direct and inflexible and now as a parent we are soft and caring and show our feelings or at least this is the route we should be following under this Node sign.

Do not forget, we may hold on to some of the old or comfortable character traits brought forward into this life represented by our south node, but we are not meant to follow this somewhat comfortable route. We are here to open doors that push us in our intended direction of our north node.

We can still use some of the traits learned from our previous incarnation as these can assist us in moving ahead in the direction of our North Node, such as instinctively knowing what is right and what is not right, and setting up a route that we know over time will assist in matters, developing a strategy that fosters hope and self-reliance in those individuals we touch.

We move in our intended direction as a wave moves across the ocean. We will find that our objectives seem to present themselves to us as we move along our proposed life’s path. We will learn from this life’s experience because this is the plan that was put in place.

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