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As we have now moved into the sign of Cancer, we thought we would share a line or two about being born with a Cancer North Node. As defined in an earlier post, the North and South Nodes depicts past incarnations as well as the present incarnation. The Nodes point out what we are here to accomplish in this life and what we should be staying away from. The North Node is our destiny while the South Node deals with the past lives and what we have brought forward into this incarnation.

With the North Node in Cancer, the South Node would be in Capricorn. The North and South Nodes are always directly opposite one another. With a Capricorn South Node in a past life, you would have been attuned to business and public status. You may have had influences into world affairs and you may have been the one making laws that others had to follow.

Now with the North Node in Cancer, you have come into this life to move away from a career focus and are to discover what family life and nurturing is all about. This does not mean that you are to step back from financial obligations. It suggests that you have come into this life to create a balance between the two.

Most individuals with this Nodal position have difficulties opening up to feelings of nurturing and are here to learn the art of both giving and receiving through love and compassion. In their younger years, these individuals might still have been consumed by the South Node tendencies and it would have been easy to remain cool and somehow detached especially when it came to emotional issues. As they mature, they will notice that emotional confrontations are part of life. Individuals with the North node in Cancer will have to learn to deal with these issues and locate places within themselves that allow them to be more sensitive to the feelings of others.

In a past life, their emotion response was restrained to a great extent and they were consumed by material advancement. Now although still caught up in the material world, they have come to into this life to experience a more sensitive side of life. Many will develop psychic inclinations as they begin to open up inner channels to this very sensitive and intuitive side of their being. Letting go of material abundance and the want to move forward in their career will eventually allow a more psychic and mystical approach to enter into their being. This capabilities are always there but they will have to open up the channels to this area of self-discovery.

Many with this combination left the family security early in life to find out more about life and material ambition. As they mature, they will eventually form a family and create a solid foundation where their loved ones can be safe and secure. This is important to them and certain part of the North Node in Cancer objectives. These individuals are here to nurture and take care of others and as time passes, they will find great contentment in uncovering this more gentle side of themselves.

If you have your North node in Cancer and you find it more easy to deal with sensitive issues, you are on the right path. If you find that you are drawn towards material security and making a name for yourself and developing your career opportunities, you are working out of the wrong end of your nodes.

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