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With the North Node in the Cardinal, Earth sign of Capricorn, your South Node will be in the Cardinal, Water sign of Cancer. Take into consideration the placement by house position when defining what this Node will imply to the path which is to be followed. The house position deals with the area of life which will point you towards what the North Node implies.

If this is your first North Node read, we suggest you read our introduction post on November 30, 2020, to get an understanding of the overall influence of the North and South Nodes. It will assist you in understanding the information we are about to provide for the North Node in Capricorn.

With the North Node in Capricorn, NN Capricorn’s destiny is to maneuver their way towards the top of the mountain (of life) by climbing up slowly and with precision. The astrological North Node symbol is the goat, and the goat is surefooted. It moves with care and exactness and knows which way is best to move ahead. NN Capricorn objective at least in part is to make their way up the ladder of success. This may speak to their occupation and career, or it may suggest that they move forward with objectives that they deem significant. This is a goal-oriented sign with ties to business and leadership.

NN Capricorn may find that this climb is tedious, but they cannot afford to skip any steps. The higher they aim, the further their success can be. They must remain steadfast in their approach and work tirelessly toward this objective whatever it may be. There is no such thing as failure to NN Capricorn and when they are short of reaching these goals, they will strive even harder to achieve what they determine to be success. This is due to the planetary ruler of Capricorn being Saturn, the teacher, the disciplinarian. Saturn rewards for hard diligent effort.

In a previous life of significance or early in life, NN Capricorn were tied to family and the caring for their children. There was a strong desire for a safe and comfortable surrounding. The home was important, and they wanted their family to feel secure and emotionally protected. NN Capricorn was the protective individual or parent and spent much time working within the home and with family. Now they may find that there is a challenge between these two segments of their life (the home and family and their occupation and goals in life). This can become a dilemma and they may have to figure out ways to pay attention to their families needs and their own, and also find harmony and balance with their goals and objectives. This incarnation, NN Capricorn are here to learn about the lessons in achievement or failure and success and their obligation to rise above any intrusion. They are here to discover what leadership is and how to handle authority. Their home and family may be their resting zone, but they must pursue their objectives and move ahead in their achievements beyond the home.

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