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We continue our focus on the North Node in the various Astrology signs. Please read our introduction in our post on November 30 to get an understanding of the overall influence of the North and South Nodes. It will assist you in understanding the information we are about to provide for the North Node in Gemini.

The sign placement and house position define where we are meant to go (North Node) and what we have brought with us to assist in this life’s journey (South Node). Some Astrologers feel that the house placement is more relevant than the sign and others feel that they deserve similar importance and that both are quite significant in their own way. The house position is the area of life where we play out the energies of the sign position and the sign position is the expression we are meant to pursue.

Having the North Node in the sign of Gemini in this incarnation suggests that life is to be pursued with vigour and excitement. You are here to learn and gather information particularly pertaining to the house that the North Node is located in. Schooling on all levels will be an important factor moving forward, and you may even study more than one subject at a time. However, if this is the course of action, finish one subject completely before moving on to a new subject. There can be a problem with not finishing what you set out to do.

You are here to gather information and then pass it on as your communication skills will be something that you will be working on as well. You will be a teacher/student in this life and have the aptitude and hopefully the desire to move ahead. Sometimes the North Node is not an easy path which at times can make the desire to move ahead difficult, but as we continue along our life’s path, it becomes easier as the door opens.

You are here to learn communication on many levels, and one form of communication might be in the written form. Some are here to publish a journal on life’s experience while others are here to publish information that they have gathered over time. This will be an interesting journey with much to learn and there should be an endless pursuit on whatever subject you might want to engage in.

With the South Node in Sagittarius, you have at your disposal an adventurous spirit, one who in a previous life explored foreign cultures and likely did a lot of traveling. You may have been like a nomad who never settled down but gained a great deal of insight through your explorations. So, in many ways, your foot is already in the door and you have an ingrained sense of ideologies that can be used to advocate what you set out to do in this life.

You learned a great deal about life’s philosophies, religion and spirituality. These were high on your life’s lessons, and now you are here to spread the word and perhaps write about these avenues. You were alone in the past and might not even have taken notes or spread the word, but this is what you are meant to do now. Pass on this information with enthusiasm and quick response. Tell as many people as possible about your interests and get their point of view as well, so you can incorporate this in your delivery.

You are an explorer of the mind and its complexities. You have come to be a gatherer of information with the ability to communicate at the highest levels due to your intellectual capacity. Yours is to discover what lies behind the vail and then spread the word.

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