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Today we are continuing our focus on the North Node and will look specifically at North Node in Leo. Please read our introduction contained in our post on November 30 to get an understanding of the overall influence of the North and South Nodes. It will assist you in understanding the information we are about to provide for the North Node in Leo.

With the North Node in the fixed, fire sign of Leo, your South Node would be in the fixed, air sign of Aquarius. Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are energetic, action-oriented signs. In many cases they are leaders, not followers, and this can be said with confidence when defining North Node in Leo. Let us not forget that the North Node is new to the individual with NN in Leo and some of its characteristics are not familiar yet depending on the evolution of their journey.

The purpose behind our North Node’s signature is and will be to formulate a plan of action throughout our lives that points us in the direction of what the North Node’s energies symbolize. With NN Leo, these individuals are here to learn about leadership and finding their place in society to facilitate some form of recognition and in some cases notoriety.

A part of these individuals are quite sure that they know the best way forward and can also help others in their life to maneuver ahead. NN Leo will like some form of applause and acknowledgment for their hard work and in some cases, people will rely on their assistance. They are here to help those that want help, and this is an important lesson for many of those with strong Leo tendencies. They can only help those that want their help.

Whatever NN Leo does it comes from the heart and is directed in many ways to assisting those in need and working with individuals providing them with confidence and reassurance. NN Leo must ensure that those they are helping realize that what they are doing comes from the heart and is offered to assist in their journey forward. NN Leo individuals are here to activate this inner energy so they can work it through within themselves. They are a conduit and can be proud of their achievements.

NN Leo objectives should be pure and as they find their confidence, they can work with others to build their confidence as well. Confidence stem from our inner beliefs that we build over time; and as we move out of worry and anxiety, we rid ourselves of those barriers and inner self-condemnations. As with all of us, NN Leo oversee their lives and they alone find ways to work through adversity on their own terms. In some ways, this is an ego driven life influence with the NN in Leo, and these individuals are building confidence by strengthening their personal belief in themselves in a positive manner.

With the South Node in Aquarius, in a previous life of significance, NN Leo were a bit bohemian in their nature. They walked their own road and did not need the confidence of others to maneuver their way through life. They may have worked within groups and may also have been a leader, but likely not one that wanted any real recognition for your efforts. NN Leo previously likely worked on humanitarian causes and for the benefit of others perhaps on a grand scale. Now, however, NN Leo can use these credentials to propel selves forward. Some have a built-in confidence and others will need to develop this.

The path NN Leo takes is largely found in the placement by house position of their North Node as this will be the area of life that can enable them to accelerate their North Node objectives. If for example their North Node is in the ninth house, NN Leo will find what they are looking for from other cultures or through religion and spirituality and perhaps might think about publishing some written material that they have created. Continued education can expedite or assist them in reaching their objectives and life’s philosophies that will enhance this journey. This is one example of many possibilities.

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