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Today we are continuing our focus on the North Node and will look specifically at North Node in Sagittarius. Please read our introduction contained in our post on November 30, 2020, to get an understanding of the overall influence of the North and South Nodes. It will assist you in understanding the information we are about to provide for the North Node in Sagittarius.

Those with their North Node in Sagittarius also have their South Node in Gemini. The Nodes are always 180 degrees apart, exactly. So, if the North Node in Sagittarius is in the fifth house, the South Node in Gemini would be in the eleventh house. A square aspect to one of the Nodes will automatically square the other. Trines to one of the Nodes will automatically sextile the other. Oppositions will conjunct the other Node and so forth.

The sign placement and house position define where we are meant to go (North Node) and what we have brought with us to assist in this life’s journey (South Node). Some Astrologers feel that the house placement is more relevant than the sign and others feel that they deserve similar importance and that both are quite significant in their own way. The house position is the area of life where we play out the energies of the sign position and the sign position of the North Node is the expression we are meant to pursue.

If the North Node is in Sagittarius which is a Mutable, Fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the path ahead deals with delving into religious and philosophical ideologies. Spirituality and the mystical realms may also be important, and Sag NN path may include these as well. These individuals are also here to generate optimism in life not only for themselves but also for others. If there are any negative inclinations in the personality they are here to rid themselves of these and find ways to promote energy that facilitates positive potential. Unless the Nodes are overly challenged in the birth chart or through challenging transits or progressions, Jupiter will likely open the door for positivity to enter life as Sag NN maneuver through any adversities.

Sometimes the North Node due to its energies being new is not an easy route to follow and it is easy to slip back into the comfortable regions of the South Node. However, the South Node, connected to a past life and in some cases the early expression of life in this incarnation, is not the path that anyone is here to pursue. Life will direct us in the path of the North Node as time passes and we can use some of the lessons acquired from our previous existence primarily learned through education and life experience to push us forward.

Sag NN may find that life seems to propel them forward in such a way that you are somewhat of a drifter with Sagittarius as your North Node. In some cases, Sag NN need travel or continued education whether that be through an actual journey across the seas or through continued education through school or life’s experience. This is particularly true if the North Node is found in the ninth house. These individuals are here to learn about the philosophy of life and by experiencing life in its full expression.

Good luck often follows those that have this NN positioning, as Jupiter, known as the greater benefactor, provides opportunities for expansion, growth and good luck in many of these peoples’ lives. It will be important to share their good fortune with others and help them maneuver their way through struggles that life sometimes presents us with. This is not to say that Sag NN’s life will be filled with fortunate conditions as no life goes without some struggle, but the optimistic perspective can go a long way to finding contentment. Much in life when viewed from the proper perspective can lift us out of difficulties, simply by changing our point of view. This truth is available to all of us, but in some cases those with Sagittarius strong in their chart have this due to life’s experience and their view of life’s situations.

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