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If your North Node (NN) is in Scorpio, your South Node (SN) would then be in Taurus.

With the NN in Scorpio, your aim is transformation through life’s experiences. This NN is suggesting that you are the truth seeker, the digger and the one who will uncover all that is hidden beneath the surface. This is a very psychic placement and you have come to discover your abilities and to develop them over time. You are here to define who you are and transform as you mold into yourself. This will be a life of intensity; a life of learning about the occult/mysticism/spirituality and all of their teachings. Some with this NN will need to go to great depths uncovering qualities within themselves that are both positive and less than desirable before they open up to forces greater than themselves.

Those with the Scorpio NN are powerful and will find this power as time goes by and as they begin to understand life’s mission. This mission may be to find answers to questions that many others do not want answered. This placement creates the detective, the investigator, the occultist and also from a higher level, the spiritualist. These are all in the making and transformation is part of life.

With this placement, you will find that there is great resilience in this life and you will find that sex and life and death issues all play powerful roles. You are here to uncover and go deep to find places within that will replace anything superficiality. Eventually you will find your home in the realm of psychic sensitivity.

With Taurus as the SN, you have come from a life of materialistic concerns, a life where financial security was important. You may find that you still hold on to this. You are not here to find security through material conquests. You are here to find security through finding yourself in mystical practices. You may have come from riches and handling money came easy. Now part of this earth life may be attached to making a living through banking or working with other people’s money, but life runs so much deeper than this. You know this now. Yes; we live in a material world and do have to earn a living and finding material wealth feels comfortable, but it still leaves you empty and asking for more.

Be sure to watch which node you are working from. Make sure you are staying away from the comfort zone (SN) within the framework of possessions. You have brought with you a steadfast approach and will steadily move towards your goals which should be centered on finding the truth and uncovering life’s mysteries. You may have come from wealth or lack thereof and you may find yourself wishing to find comfort in these things. This is not your course for this life. You are here to discover and find yourself through self-examination and many internal changes.

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