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The North Node in your birth chart defines that path set forth at birth for you to follow.

The South Node identifies where you came from in a previous incarnation and/or what you have brought forward into this life that you can use to help you in your life’s quest as described by your North Node.

The Nodes also speak in terms of important people entering your life and how they can assist you in moving towards your true destiny.

The South Node can be a little too comfortable because it is a place that you not only know from experience, but may wish to return to as it offer familiarity which feels secure and comfortable. The North Node is unknown territory and may feel uncomfortable and seem very foreign, but you are meant to follow this path as it has been put in place for you to experience and gain insight and momentum on your evolutionary path.

The Nodes are always 180 degrees apart, so having a North Node in Scorpio means that you have a South Node in Taurus. With the South Node in Taurus, you understand what it means to work hard for your end results. There is a want for security and stability in life and a certain fixity in your nature. You expect this to follow you in life. However, the desire for things to remain stable and secure can stifle the need to learn through life’s experience. With this example, the finances and material abundance were well in place in your previous life and you have brought with you the ability to assist others in this manner, although financial success may not be that important this time around. Areas such as a financial assistant or dealing with banking facilities fit right up your alley because of the ingrained knowledge you have on these subjects.

In this example, you may find that there will be times when you experience financial setbacks as you are learning to let go of security in financial terms and are here to uncover your greater potential which resides in the spiritual realms of experience and mystical pursuits. The occult/mysticism and its teachings are where you are heading in this life. There are often periods of self-examination resulting in changes that take place in life and sometimes in dramatic and profound ways. This is considered an intense position and the passions are heightened, sexuality is important and morality is deep in personal ways. These are all lessons prescribed by the higher self in this incarnation.

There may be potential in areas related to research and investigative practices. The mind runs deep and penetrating insight is often a link found with this North Node positioning. The need to probe deep into the unknown is strong and you must learn to adapt to life’s conditions as your life transforms. You have great staying power and have the ability to meet any demands placed on you from outside influences as well as any internal work placed on you that needs to unfold. You are very resilient and possess powerful recuperative potential. Your will is where you find strength and you can withstand most anything that is in your way. It is best for others not to interfere when you are going through changes; you need to figure things out for yourself and adapt to the calling of life.

You will also find that your go through periods of re-birth and the end of previous conditions and then the beginning of new ones. Once you finish with something or someone, it usually suggests that the time is complete and something new is about to unfold. The change is deep and personal and usually permanent. If there is a need for regeneration on some level, then the process is complete and the ultimate change is a desired one although not often an easy one. Transformation and absolute change is part of the process and it is better to move with the current of change than fight against it because of the need for security and steadiness.

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