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If this is your first North Node post read, we suggest you read our introduction post on November 30, 2020, to get an understanding of the overall influence of the North and South Nodes. It will assist you in understanding the information we are about to provide for the North Node in Taurus.

With the North Node in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus, your objectives in this life tie closely to achieving material success. There is a drive or should be a drive to attain security through building a financial base that will withstand all adversity and gather momentum as you mature. This is not to say that you are here primarily to reach monetary success, but you are actually here to learn what success and security teaches.

Money is a great teacher and there are many lessons that it will instill upon us. Some lessons will be challenging, and others will be rewarding, but there is no denying that money has a great impact on our material lives. Perhaps part of this life’s lesson is brought forward and expressed when we utilize the act of giving? Perhaps Taurus North Node is here to learn about shortages and how to live without attaining financial rewards. What will the lessons be in this life and how will the objectives be pursued?

Reaching their objectives may take some time as Taurus moves slowly in its advances. A slow but meticulous approach is best and the chances for mistakes are also lower. Do not forget that the North Node energies may not be something that we are comfortable with. It is new. Its opposite sign Scorpio, the South Node’s positioning for those with Taurus NN was about getting to the core of life and self and coming to terms with needed adjustment through psychological acts of transformation and introspection. These ingrained attributes of the psyche can be used to enhance Taurus NN objectives and to learn the lessons of this North Node’s position.

Taurus NN are here to learn about love and affection and what a meaningful relationship can be, particularly if Taurus NN is in the seventh house. These individuals are here to learn what investment can mean especially in big business if Taurus NN is in the eighth house. This could be through actual investment or being involved in big business. Taurus NN is here to learn about family obligations and the meaning of security especially if the Taurus NN is in the fourth house. Of course, these are minute details, but this should give some insight into the workings of the North Node in the sign of Taurus.

Pursuing their path and objectives in life in a rather tedious and restraint less manner will earn Taurus NN personal respect. Their chances for success depend on this pursuit. They may find that they are somewhat fixed in this ongoing pursuit, once they have made up their mind on a course of action they will take. It will be hard for them to deviate from their course and the likelihood of attainment on some level is certain. Taurus NN must follow through on some of their inner hunches and let intuition guide them at times. They must think things through thoroughly before they move ahead.

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