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North Node in the Eighth House in Astrology

As we are now in the sign of Scorpio, we thought we would explore the less known characteristics of those with their North Node in the eighth house ruled by the sign Scorpio.

The South Node is always in opposition to the North Node placing this South Node in the second house. The South Node is where you have come from in a previous incarnation and the traits you have brought with you. For those that question reincarnation, the South Node would be those innate qualities we have in this life time. Some of these traits can be used to your benefit and some character traits should be left behind.

With this Eighth/Second house North/South Node placements for example, in a past life, you may have led a life of plenty at least on the material front. You may have received an inheritance from your parents or did well in the material world. In that life you may have squandered their hard earned money or perhaps used it in a less than appropriate manner, often forgetting about other people’s needs. Since the qualities representing by the South Node are second nature and are easy to draw from, you are now meant to let go of some of the material ambitions of this previous life and change your attitude towards others and material ambition.

The second house is also known as the house of self-worth and if it is poorly aspected in the natal chart, it often indicates problems related to security issues, either through the material realm of things or the image of self. With the South Node located in the second house, the apparent necessary ingredient now is to help others find their own self-worth and for you to study and discover that which lies beneath the surface. The metaphysical and spiritual inclinations suggested with the North Node in the eighth house are very apparent although you may not be comfortable with this area of life, as it is somewhat foreign to you. You are, however, supposed to uncover facets of the inner life and regenerate yourself into your higher being with the help of the spiritual or psychic realms of life.

You may have brought talents with you into this world for business and enterprise, and you will do well in areas related to research work and uncovering the mysteries of life. Any research work is suitable and areas related to psychology, investigative work, perhaps forensics or undercover work with the police force are all areas of interest or areas that you would excel at in this life. You should also have a look at the mid-heaven to understand what areas would hold your interest above and beyond what is designated by the North Node positioning.

Pluto is the natural ruler of the eighth house and it deals primarily with the tearing down of old conditions in an effort to rebuild on a much more solid structure. It is strongly connected to transformations on many levels and you are here to uncover talents dealing with the subconscious and to learn about the metaphysical world. In so doing, you will assist others with their own private ongoing evolutionary process of awakening.

Guard against any kind of rigidity and learn to listen to others as there are many teachers in the world that can assist you in unlocking your own potential. You may feel attuned to an inner reliance and should understand that you have to reach out in this world as the North Node is always associated with completely foreign lands and often close loving family members can help you to open up to the information that is awakening your subconscious mind. Being rigid in belief structure is the main blockage that must be overcome in this life and once you attain this, the door will open.

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