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The North and South Nodes also known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail are always opposite one another. The North Node is linked with energies associated with Jupiter and the South Node is linked with energies associated with Saturn. Both energies can be used in a positive sense.

The North Node is tied to this life and what we are meant to pursue and push ahead with, regardless of obstacles. The South Node’s energies are tied to a previous significant existence also tied to this life but we should not fall back on and find refuge in these energies. The North Node can be uncomfortable due to the newness of the experience and the South Node is a comfortable place because we are familiar with its path.

The sign placement and house position define where we are meant to go (North Node) and what we have brought with us to assist in this life’s journey (South Node). Some Astrologers feel that the house placement is more relevant than the sign and others feel that they deserve similar importance and that both are quite significant in their own way. The house position is the area of life where we play out the energies of the sign position and the sign position is the expression we are meant to pursue.

With the North Node in Virgo, our objective first and foremost is to be of assistance, as this is a service-oriented sign. We have come to align ourselves closely with this path of service with great accuracy and total commitment. There are no halfway measures, and nothing less than perfection should become our objective. However, we may not reach perfection but the more we strive for this, the further we move in that direction.

We are here to develop important tendencies linked to order, analytical observation, constructive thinking and organized behavior in service-oriented manners. This can deal with health and welfare, organizing not only from a physical perspective but also from a mental perspective. We are here to heal ourselves and then orchestrate healing on other levels linked to organized and in obvious thought processing. The mind is to be your greatest affluence. You have come to help on many levels without being overly critical and although you will see all the flaws in whatever you are working with, it will be important to know that they can all be fixed or looked at from a different perspective.

The South Node in Pisces speaks of a life potentially tied to religion and spirituality and also a life of service however this previous life received no rewards or recognition. It was selfless in its pursuit and was not connected to ego. This was an enlightening time with insight and inspiration and a strong connectedness to the psychic side of life. From a different perspective, this previous existence may have been linked to escapist tendencies, like the use of drugs or alcohol or not facing any challenging conditions. The North Node is what needs developing while the South Node is what we can bring forward into this life to assist in our North Node objectives.

Intuitive understanding and a knowing that stems from deep insight connected with the higher self has been brought forward and can be used to achieve the elements linked to the objectives of this life’s mission. A look into the houses involved will further define how these energies might work. At the same time, we can look at any aspects linking with our Nodes in our Natal Chart as this provide further detail. You can also investigate transits to the Nodes as well as the transiting Nodes and progressions associated with what is in place at this time in your life.

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