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Since the Midheaven or MC, is usually a very public place, those individuals that have their North Node in conjunction to this axis are here to gain recognition within the working environment and to receive some type of honour for some of the work and achievements that they accomplish. The MC is relative to our interaction with the world at large and our place in it. It has been known as the axis of destiny and is often connected to public life, particularly when heavily activated in the birth chart.

Any planetary link, including nodal connection, will need comprehensive review to decipher. The sign that the node is in or the planet that is conjunct as well as the planet’s rulership will have to be delineated to get a detailed definition of what the MC is telling us.

When the MC is connected to the North Node, and as it is understood that the North Node is what we should be striving towards in this incarnation, many individuals will seek friendships with people of like minds as this will help to facilitate the need for recognition in this life. These people that are sought out may help with achieving goals.

Often there is great progress made with the objectives and some individuals with this connection will receive the recognition and public status that they are looking for, but not always for the best reasons. It is important that every effort is made to ensure that this work is for the benefit of others and serving the general interests of the public, rather than only to achieve success for their own personal gain. Whether or not they achieve their heart’s desire will often by indicated by the planetary links to the conjunction and the overall condition suggested in the birth chart.

When there is a strong link especially by conjunction between the South Node and the MC, it is suggested that in a prior life that these people received plenty of recognition for their efforts. They may have been in positions of authority where others would have helped them achieve great things or notoriety, much depends on the aspects to this position. In this life, rather than being centre stage which they were in the previous one, they are to remain low-key and stay in the background perhaps aiding others in their endeavours.

There is often a need to develop a sense of humbleness and a modest attitude and that these individuals put their emphasis on the home and family, rather than making a name for themselves. They may have to take a humble stance in the material world and leave behind their need for recognition and achievement.

With the SN conjunct the MC, these individual’s life’s objectives will change significantly as the North Node (NN) is now conjunct the IC and this is where they will be drawn to working within the family and home environment, developing themselves on a deep emotional level, which is quite different from their previous existence of outer recognition.

The North Node’s objectives will usually be realized. Assistance and the push in life will often come from outside sources. The North Node is uncharted territory and a little uncomfortable for most of us. Many initially will shy away from this push by outside forces, but eventually they will realize and accept the fact that they are to move in this direction.

Those individuals, in particular, with the Aries point degrees on the MC (29 degrees Mutable to 2 degrees Cardinal) have the opportunity to gain public recognition for their efforts. Cardinal emphasis in a chart will push people into achievement in many cases. Hard work is emphasized unless there are other mitigating factors found within the birth chart.

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