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Not Everyone Wants Our Help

It is very admirable when individuals want to be of assistance to others during their time of need. If you can help someone out of a dismal place and be of assistance to guide them in coming to terms with their problems, you are certainly working from the higher self. It is amazing how a listening ear or a comforting shoulder can soothe those in distress. Reassurance and company will go a long way to help.

Beware of those individuals that bask in their own misery. There are those that truly live the expressions that misery needs company. Some individuals have a need to try to push others out of their contentment and would rather hinder than help.

We can only assist those that want help. If you come across someone of this nature, accept your inability to help, send them your blessings and bow out of the situation.

Do not allow anyone to frustrate you to the point that you allow the positive life force to be drained from you. Remain strong to yourself and do not walk their path. You are not meant to walk a road of despondency and gloom.

Learn when to walk away and when to be supportive. If assistance is not wanted, walk away without regret.

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