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Obligations to Uphold

It is important to look at each day as a chance for a new beginning or an ability to enhance an already magical experience. Each day in essence is a new beginning and a chance for a new start, or a gift to bring more of the same into existence. Letting go of ways that offer little in the way of enlightenment and ways that are concentrated on material living can provide us with a shift in our outlook.

We should always analyse our desires and be honest about them. Only then can we come to an understanding of what those desires can truly manifest into our lives.

We do live in a material world, and for most of us it is hard to release the need to control these areas of life. As we grow stronger into material living we are often presented with a feeling of never having enough and always wanting more. It is fine to feel the comfort that material living can provide, but exaggerating our energies in these areas will often take us off track from our actual purpose for being here.

We are spiritual beings living in physical form but we have to ask ourselves, “Are material concerns the reason our true essence brought us into this life?”

It is true that there has to be some significance to material life or we would not be surrounded by it on a constant basis, but surely our inner-being is not concerned with material abundance and financial rewards. If it were so important would we not be bringing these with us when we pass on into the next stage of our soul’s existence?

We leave everything material behind but undoubtedly we bring with us our experiences and the enlightenment gained in this life. We are always in search for a connection with our higher self and ultimately again with our source. We are divisible beings engaged in a journey to become one and indivisible, joining forces once again. In essence then is it not our life’s journey to experience and gain insight into some very important elements and experiences?

We are not here by chance and nothing of significance is without reason. Our obligation to ourselves is to uphold our quest for enlightenment and to discover and reunite with our source, the provider of love and compassion and all the ingredients that fall into this category. Is this not the why behind our existence and our purpose? Are we not meant to discover once again unconditional love and the acceptance of humanity with an understanding that we are all one?

Find your truth simply by being. Discover yourself simply by living. Uphold all that is relevant by being the example and learn the art of joy through your connection with your inner self and those around you. You are one with the light. You are one with the source. You are one with our pure essence.

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