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Our personal journey can be littered with what we consider challenging conditions and situations. It is our obligation to our self to hand over our view of “complicated” and refocus on the “valuable lessons”. It is much easier to accept lessons than to focus on hurdles and challenges. We accept lessons, take the information learned and then can move forward with newly acquired knowledge.

When we are caught in “hurdles” and “walls” mentality, there will be times when we believe we have no way out and our options are limited at best. There actually is no avoiding some of life’s conditions but our acceptance of the situation can somehow make these events easier. Attitude plays such a significant part in how events affect us. Our attitude may not change the event but it can alter the emotional outcome. We can find comfort and acceptance which in turn fosters a gentle knowing that life is about to take an alternate route.

Some situations and losses are seldom easy but through acceptance and faith in the process, we adapt and adjust to these changes. Our minds, when allowed to run unchecked, play games with us and fabricate all kinds of melodramatic outcomes that rarely manifest in their full expression.

Change is guaranteed in life. The question is will we fight the changes and allow our minds to create havoc or will we accept change as it happens adjusting our focus on the benefits of each event as it takes place. Some days the benefit is hard to see. Our attitude can be our greatest companion or our most feared enemy.

We are born fighters. Even our entry into this existence is a hard fought battle. But we overcome and make our way.

We cannot lose sight of the potentials that lie ahead. Stay strong and have faith in yourself and in life. Things may not turn out how we “wished” them to but know that on some level we will emerge victorious……..always!

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