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Our personal road of life can be littered with challenging conditions and difficult situations. It is our obligation to ourselves to learn the lessons put in front of us and to see them as that. They are not meant to be complications; they are lessons for us to learn to the best of our abilities and to provide us with motivation. Regardless of the lessons (even if we choose to see them as obstacles that stand in our way), it is imperative to move forward.

There will be times when we believe we have no way out and our options are limited at best. It is during these times that we have to remain diligent and know that the most challenging of these lessons/situations can still be learned and overcome with a positive and focused attitude.

Some conditions in life offer no way out except our acceptance of the situation. These may be lifelong lessons. Again, our attitude plays a significant part in our response to these situations and to our life moving forward. Acceptance may not alter the outcome but it will facilitate peace. Acceptance fosters a gentle knowing that life is as life is.

Some situations may not be easy and in some cases, they seem to offer up nothing that assists in our growth. We can change what we can change, particularly our attitude, but those things that cannot be change, we have to accept and move on. Situations, at times, can be tough, but most times life may be pushing us to change or adjust.

When we come face to face with the lesson, learning it may not be near as difficult as we thought it would be. Our mind plays games with us and we fabricate all kinds of outcomes that rarely manifest (except in our minds).

Changes are inevitable. On some level, we have to find the strength to move through these lessons. Our attitude is our greatest companion or our most feared enemy.

Armed with determination and a good attitude towards our life lessons, we come out the other side with a greater understanding. We can move through the most unbearable of situations and come out stronger and more resilient on the other side.

We are born fighters. Even our entry into this existence was a hard-fought battle. We can always learn our lessons. Never lose sight of the potentials that lie ahead. Stay strong throughout the lessons and know that on some level you will always emerge victorious, always!

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