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We all veer off path from time to time or so it feels. These apparent path distractions are in fact in line with what is required at that particular point in time. You could consider these rest periods, verification of your intended course, a time to re-evaluate your current course, etc. So in fact, varying from your intended course is in fact not only necessary but a requirement of the soul to put you on the path that is relevant at this time or to confirm that you are exactly where you need to be.

These periods may seem like setbacks. Much depends on your attitude about what is transpiring and what you choose to do with the information that you received. You could choose to ignore what is being presented, examine your present situation to figure out how to move forward or you could choose to make some changes or change direction completely. Your path is always in your hands, but it is essential to recognize that whatever you do decide to do, there are no wrong turns in life.

There are short paths and there are long paths but all paths lead to your ultimate destination. If you feel as though you are off path, take the time to understand why you feel the way you do and what alternate plans you could adhere to so that you get back to a place that feels more comfortable for you. It is a natural process. Sometimes is feels as though life gets in the way but remember we are here to live in human form.

If you feel you are off course, do not be dismayed. Reassess where you are heading. Make minor adjustments if you feel it is necessary and be comfortable with your journey. Do not worry about the speed of your progress. Take advantage of the rest periods and then set sail towards your destination with vigour and determination.

You are never off course. Enjoy the ride, the experience and the scenery!

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