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Rewards in life can take time to manifest, therefore, perseverance and adjustments are often part of the process. We move at our own rate, sometimes stepping backwards and sometimes advancing quickly. Our achievement should not be based on time, but on the level of dedication we put forth to reach this goal.

One step at a time. How often have you heard that statement?

Jumping to the next step without proper knowledge or preparation often leads to shortfalls. Take your time. Ensure all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted.

Push ahead, accept shortcomings, and accept that you are only human. Do not put financial achievements over family.

Make your objectives reachable. If you fall short, do what it takes to correct the shortage or be happy with the result. Recognize and celebrate your achievements. Be proud of yourself without ego.

We are learning, and we make mistakes along the way; it’s part of being human. Learn from these limitations and recognize that they are your teaching tools. We are not perfect, but we can achieve more than we believe we can. Our inner dialogue is personal, but we do not need to identify with it if it makes us feel inferior or lacking.

Recognize what you are capable of doing and what you have. Open your eyes to your potential and your momentum will increase. You are your only barrier.

Believe in yourself!

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