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Our journey has led us to this exact point in time. Our higher self knows when and what we are ready to deal with in our voyage. Many of us have aligned ourselves with the awakening that is taking place with so many people in our world today.

Although there are vast numbers experiencing awakening, there are many more that do not recognize much beyond their basic survival requirements and material comfort. Many are caught up in everyday living and are being held hostage by ego without recognizing the chains that bind them. They are lost in their search for happiness and do not understand that happiness cannot be found as it is a choice.

Each of us is one of the lucky ones. We have found the key to unlocking the door to our happiness. We are ready to move through the threshold or have already taken that step through.

We are not suggesting that those that are not experiencing their awakening are not utilizing their earthly experience. Their purpose here is not ours to judge. Their purpose may be just learn and experience basic survival or comfort and safety as a human being. Their experience today is perfect for their specific journey.

Our journey is not for everyone. It is for us alone. We are ready to move forward in our quest and although we are not sure where we are headed, we instinctively know that we are moving in the right direction.

Next time we examine our lives and we find that we are focusing on what is missing or how life isn’t how we “think” is should be, remember that every experience is temporary but a valuable lesson nonetheless.

We must embrace our path and acknowledge how privileged we are. Give thanks every day for all things-- lessons, abundance, miracles. It is through this gratitude that we find true appreciation and happiness. Nothing is by chance. Everything in life has a meaning. Enjoy the journey; it is a magnificent one.

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