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Taking a look at our steady climb to the summit, there are high points along the way when we feel a sense of belonging and comfort within our environment. When we refer to our environment, we are not referring to our place in society or our location on earth, we refer to our connection with ourselves on an innate level of understanding.

It is these inner truths that we seek. It does not matter where we have set our earthly feet for this inner exploration. What we have gained on a material level has nothing to do with our concept of self. In participating in an ongoing exploration of self, we strive for the summit of understanding and slowly develop a connection with our inner self. Our soul’s energy is our true identity and when we open the door to self-perception we allow this energy to emerge and connect.

This brings us one step further in our connection with the whole, the divine, God, our source, or simply put “love”. Use the name with which you are comfortable.

To bring our energies back together as one, as the whole, is our destiny as spiritual beings. The more peace we allow ourselves to experience and the less we identify with ego, the closer we align with our true self. The closer we align with our true self, the closer we are aligned with the whole.

We are now recognizing that the inner battles we wage actual do not serve any viable purpose. They never have, but we become so caught up in the battle we cannot see beyond it. These battles only create havoc. To find our inner peace, we must grow through love. Through love, our ego no longer defines life by fighting to keep control, fighting to be right, fighting to win the battle. In truth, there should never be a battle. The only battle that exists is the one we have put in place and have chosen to follow.

Ego takes its descending steps and lets go of its grip when we take our steps forward in faith. Letting go and letting love (Source/God) is our hardest lesson, at least up until this point in time. We will, however, recognize that life is set up in such a way that it will lead us to the place we are meant to find, once we have learned to allow.

We will eventually recognize, then allow and accept. Once the conscious decision has been made, it is not a difficult task. We have never actually been lost. We have just been living under the veil of ego. If we look with our hearts, we can easily recognize what ego actually is. Once we have this recognition, it is much more simple not to define ourselves by ego.

We have stated many times (and will undoubted repeat it many more), we are a spiritual being living an earthly existence, certainly not the other way around. Do not cage your energetic self. Open your heart and allow.

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