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Other People's Opinions

Throughout life, we will encounter opinions and words of discouragement from others concerning our focus on spirit, concerning our commitment to higher principles and concerning our quest for awakening. The views, opinions and attitudes of others should never be allowed to influence our focus. No one will be walking in our footsteps along our specific path. Their opinions and assessments of our actions ultimately have no merit on our journey. Each and every one of us is entitled to our own personal choices as long as we respect others in the process.

Some that disagree with our journey are absorbed in material or worldly pursuits. Many are caught up in the ego’s influence and view their lives from a completely different perspective than we do. For some, this may be their temporary path and for others that is their journey of this incarnation. Each of our souls or higher selves experience and learn through what is essential to their current development. Although we may have difficulty understanding why each of us take our separate routes, this is not for us to judge.

It is essential to respect other people’s points of view, to respect their ideologies, to respect their journey. We truly do not understand their purpose here and now.

It is crucial that we all recognize this necessity, both given and received. Release ego; set a positive example and reap the seeds that you have sown.

If you are judged, respond with non-judgement. We cannot control others nor can we respond in kind and expect a different result. If offering love and acceptance does not alter their opinions and actions, perhaps you will need to remove yourself from the situation. There will be times when you will be tested on your opinions and your journey’s true path. You do not have to defend your beliefs, as often this will not alter other’s opinions. It is not your responsibility to make them understand or even conceive your principles or belief structures. Defend your journey through example. Live in love and offer compassion and respect.

Your path is the only road important for you. Other’s opinions hold little relevance to your commitment to truth. Stand by your ideals and let others have their own. We are not meant to prove the validity of our journey. We can only live up to our own personal ideals. Be what you are trying to convey with your words and let your actions speak for themselves. You are on track and on purpose. Nothing can stand in your way, but you. You have the strength to overcome all adversity, and you stand together hand in hand with source. How can you possibly go wrong?

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