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It is within our capacity to create our ideal world. First we start within and then when we are familiar with our abilities to create, we can use these tools daily. We can allow the ideal world to spread outward. We are constantly building our futures through our expectations which we are putting into motion today and every day. Tomorrow is an accumulation of all that we expect and what we believe is possible. It is a result of where we put our energies and focus.

Our world stems from deep within when we focus, believe, contemplate and we stay with these thoughts. We constantly filter out thoughts that we deem irrational or unworthy of our concentration. Over time the beliefs we hold near and dear begin to manifest and it does not matter what these beliefs are as long as we believe and focus.

Quite often many of our thoughts and expectations will not manifest exactly as we thought they would, even when we are consciously focusing. It begins from within and then materializes into our external world and usually, these things that materialize are exactly what we needed (possibly not exactly as we had envisioned as we do not always understand clearly what we need).

If we find that we are not pleased with what our world appears to be, then it is time to examine where exactly our focus is?

Being thankful for all that life brings is so very important. We cannot rid ourselves of things that we do not like by ignoring them. To ignore actually gives strength because it takes focus to ignore. If we give thanks for even the hard lessons in life and truly appreciate the valuable lessons that we have learned, we fill our life with gratitude. If you interact with someone who treats you poorly, do not focus on their shortcomings. These shortcomings are not yours to own. Respect their lessons in life, appreciate that these lessons are not yours to learn and send them on their way with love and respect. Everyone is doing the best that they can.

If you find yourself slipping back into old habits and the thoughts that you catch are less than ideal, review your life to remind yourself of the blessings that are present. Focus on all that you enjoy including your freedom, health, running water, a warm place to lay your head, a job, a meal and the list goes on. Each of us may not have all of these but all of us have at least one of these. A nudging voice within may argue that this sounds like fiction. Prove that voice wrong. Put these suggestions into practice, for a month, six months, a year. After that time, tell me that this is fiction. You have nothing to lose and perhaps everything to gain.

When it is said your life is in your hands, this is what is meant. You do have control of your thoughts, of your focus and of your attitude. We build our life through these, gradually over time. Place your thoughts and your expectations where they can do the best work.

It is in your hands. What focus and attitude do you choose?

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