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Our Children and Their Children

I believe it is safe to say that life is on a continuous evolutionary spiral. Accordingly, we would like to address the upcoming generation as well as the generations to follow. How long we live is a question that few of us can answer, and most of us follow our life’s direction with little thought to the ending of this incarnation. There truly is nothing wrong with this approach as this life is but a chapter in our spiritual life. When this life ends, we simply move into the next phase, whatever that may be. There is no expiration. There is just a new beginning, and if there is a beginning there is an ending of sorts.

It is our responsibility to facilitate the awakening process in our children and allow them to learn and understand that life is more than just a material experience. We can provide them with tools that help to teach that life is an opportunities to further our spiritual growth. We can only truly teach by example in all stages of growth.

Even if our children are at a stage of disbelief, stay true to your own beliefs. Simply through watching your example and responses, you can guide them to uncover their true selves. Move ever so gently as you feel the vibrations and impression you are leaving with them. They will receive what they are open to receive.

There are of course those children that have entered this life far more naturally informed than we may be. We as well must stay open as we can gain great insight from our children. Our children and our grandchildren can be our greatest learning tools. Sit and listen to the wisdom that flows from these loving children. They are truly amazing.

Leave the dialogue door open with your children. Share and be open to receive the wisdom of our pure essence. For those children that are unsure, tread lightly and weigh things out along the way making sure that you do not drive them away by your overly exuberant efforts.

Impact your children in such a way that your loving example cannot be ignored.

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