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As we slowly unravel our connection to our fellow man/woman, we also need to take into consideration our oneness with the earth. We have a unique connection with nature as it enhances our emotions and stimulates us when we take in its “natur”al beauty. Our world is vast and complex and addresses all the needs of each of the inhabitants of our earth. Our planet has a mothering quality and constantly nurtures its inhabitants to sustain their existence. It is amazing to observe the constant growth of all the necessary ingredients to keep life flourishing.

Remove yourself from the concrete barriers of our gigantic cities with their human-made lavish furnishings and fabricated luxury. View the calm and serene mountain-side or a flowing river, or the vastness of the Ocean. These gentle slops and vast exposures are breathtaking and did not need our influenced to be that way.

The beauty of a snowflake and natural curvatures found in a wave as it gently moves across a lake are all splendors of nature and they share their serenity with anyone who is open to their experience. We are the simple observers. We merely need to allow these sensations to envelop us. Find a place of solitude during times of strife. Watch as nature gently moves you away from your focus of aggravation without the aid of any substance or even a calming word.

Nature speaks in volumes. It stills the mind. It leaves you in a sense of wonderment and you can become lost in its beauty. We are part of nature. It is this connection that allows us to experience natures’ calming spirit and to soften our turbulent experiences. Meditate in nature and listen to the whisper of the wind hustling through the trees. It is anything but silent, yet moves us to a place of peace. The breaking of waves on the shoreline calms our nerves and eases our concerns, naturally.

It is not by co-incidence that we call our magnificent planet, Mother Earth. It provides us with all the sustenance we need and offers comfort during time of trouble. It gently speaks to us in a tongue that is understood by us all. This is our home. It exonerates our stress simply by allowing us to release through its very beauty.

There is always an outstretched hand to strengthen us during our times of trials and tribulations. Be thankful for all of its blessings. Understand your unique connection with our beautiful world – our Mother Earth!

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