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How do you fit into the world around you? The media perpetually focuses on violence, hate, corruption, greed, war and the list goes on. What can we do to offset this less than positive energy that exists? What can we do as just one individual playing such a minute part in the overall scheme of things? Can we have a meaningful impact and sway these energies in the world?

There are so many actions and events that take place in our world that we are not about to list or place our focus on. How do we prove to the world that humanity is truly good at its core? We prove this through our actions. We mirror all that we want to see in the world. We can make a clear statement through our actions based on peace and love.

The human race has thrived through countless wars, injustices, imbalance, corruption, pain and the list goes on. If the human race can live and thrive under these conditions, imagine how life could be if we live our lives letting our hearts be our guides

We are great in numbers and can make a difference today and every day. Lead by example. All that is not positive energy in this world is simply a lack of love. If our thoughts, actions, reactions, etc. were all based on love for self and for others, negative energy would not exist.

It is time to plant a seed of hope, love and peace. Stand tall in your beliefs and help shape a new world, a world where injustice is unknown, where love and compassion are the hallmarks of our civilization. Peace and love are ours to give.

Use today as your starting point. Plot your course and help make this happen.

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