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It can be disheartening when you hear via news the state of our world. “Chaotic” best describes the conditions our fellow brothers and sisters seem to find themselves in. There are those that live under unruly conditions, fearing for their lives and struggling to exist just another day. During transitional periods, the darkest hour is often just before the dawn.

We are all feeling a shift taking place in our world and if you delve deep enough are we not all also experiencing a shift deep down within? Many believe that the signs are suggesting that the human race must choose in which direction to turn, whether this is towards materialism or spirituality. How long have you been aware of this feeling?

If the door has been opened, it is next to impossible to avoid what lies ahead. It does not take long to realize that material abundance only brings contentment for a fleeting moment; however, it can be yours if this is your desire. Wealth is not necessarily a bad thing but its rewards are temporary and offer little in the way of true growth.

It is not necessary to let go of earthly comforts, but it is best to not make it your most important focus. Letting go is often the best way to find material security, although it is a difficult thing to do. Let go and let God, (or the source or your pure essence or whomever or whatever you relate to take care of things), is the saying. How appropriate this is. If you trust in the powers that be to provide you with whatever you need and understand that this is what always takes place, contentment is yours.

Spirituality, whatever this might be for you, is the zenith. Trust in the powers that be to push you in the direction that you need to move. Let go and you will see that it is right in front of you. This is where it has been all along. It has never been out of sight. We simply just had to open our eyes.

We live in this material world but have many connections to the spiritual world. We need to be aware of where to place our intensions and accept that life unfolds in its own due time. We are on course and always have been, although along the road there were some roadblocks and swerves but these are lessons well learned.

We are still on our chosen course. If we are on our chosen paths then undoubtedly the world is also on its true course. Through our prayers and meditation practice, however, we can help lift its vibrational impulse.

We are the generator behind our races’ movement. What we do in our lives affects everyone on one level or another. The ripple effect that we have often explored is a prime example of this effect. We can help maneuver our world, by being the force behind that ripple effect. Share the love that lives within. Spread joy in your daily activities. It begins with you. You create the ripple effect. Why not do what is in your power.

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