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Our Little Ones

It is a wonderful experience to share our lives with our little ones. Whether these children are your children, grandchildren or other people’s children, they are an experience in themselves. It is incredible how they sometimes come up with such mature material and say things that far outweigh their childhood experience. Many are old souls returning into this incarnation to spread their knowledge and this often begins at a very young age. They are masters of life in a small package. Do not be fooled by their child like appearances; they have a lot to say.

It is an honor to have these children your life, as they have chosen to be with you and you have chosen to bring them into yours. In many cases, you are old acquaintances that have returned once again to be together and this alone makes your relationship special. Never take your relationship with them as meaningless or of minor significance.

As they mature, most relationships grow closer and tighten the grip on the love generated between you. Yes, there will be trying times if you are their parent especially in the teen years and in early adulthood, but these sometimes trying times are the stepping stones to understanding. These individuals can easily become your best friends as time goes by and you share a common feeling of comfort that can rarely be found with others.

They are the special ones that have come into your life again. Be sure to teach them through your actions how best to live life. Teach them love just as they are teaching you unconditional love. Teach them compassion, just as they are always there for you and willing to help in their own special way. Give them your support especially in times of strife-- just as they will offer you a hug or kiss when they sense you are struggling. Be sure to talk openly about the spirit connection we all share. Allow the gifts of intuition and psychic inclination to flourish and do not sell them short on their particular way of expressing this.

Enjoy the little ones today as life waits for no one. Enjoy each stage in their evolution as you evolve right along with them. You have been brought together through love. Ensure that love is number one in your every expression.

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