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What can you do to help alleviate challenges that affect you and those individuals who are important to you?

What is your purpose at this time and how will you manage to move in your intended direction?

How we live our lives now is a direct reflection of who we are on the inside and where we hope to be furthering our growth in the near or distant future. It is not a question of what I can do for myself although we certainly have to take into consideration what our needs are. We can’t assist others before we take steps to remedy uncertainty within ourselves, but we are here to facilitate healing in all that surrounds us including this world at large.

Material goals have, under most conditions, been put on hold and many have come to the conclusion that what we have is far greater than what we need. Right now, the basic necessities are what are required although finances are certainly a part of that equation. Yes, we are learning to live with less and spending is not a priority, at least for most of us. Our life structure is under close scrutiny and we now recognize the significance of family and friends. In many ways we are alone at this time and this presents a wonderful time for reflection.

If we are capable, this is a time of helping those that are needy and we are using a very broad definition here. We can offer our support and let others know that we stand by them and that they are not alone, even though they physically may be by themselves. We can let them know we care and that we miss them and that they are important to us. Those that struggle with fear we can help them in whatever way we can with their fears.

We are stronger than most of us give ourselves credit for. We can keep moving through this. We can assist others by being their guiding light. We can be an example of strength for those that feel weak and help them to ignite their own internal flame.

Be strong; be resilient. Know that this too will pass and that eventually we will be able to be with each other again. Your show of strength and assistance will be remembered.

Be the light, be the reflection of truth and bring positivity into the world through whatever means you can.

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