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It is important to pay attention to our body and its reaction to life. Our body will tell us when something is out of sort and also when we need to find balance. Paying attention and over-reacting are two completely different approaches to our physical condition. Some can become obsessive with the body and all its functions and intricacies. They notice every quirk and minor malfunction or ailment and become overly concerned leaning towards anxieties and obsessions with their health.

We can use our bodies as a gauge on how we are reacting to events and people in our lives. When life is out of balance and we begin taking on too much (This not only include things that are conflicting and harmful for us, but also when we become overly influenced by stimuli in life) and mentally, physically and spiritually we are pushed beyond our healthy capacities, the body will reflect this in one way or another.

Negativity can have profound effects on the body and when we choose to deal with these issues without owning them, we notice that we no longer feel weighted down.

There are also times when life runs perfectly and we overdo a good thing. This might sound rather obscure, but sometimes we burn the candle at both ends.

We tend to all conditions and events to infiltrate our calm and balance the more challenging they are. We can become so wrapped in life’s situations that we become ill because of them. Nervous disorders, mental disturbances and depression often follow a traumatic life experience. These conditions certainly hinder our happiness and at times, they can even make us ill.

Living life and all its experiences is important but holding on to grief and sadness is not productive and can cause problems if you do not deal with them accordingly. Remember we are not at the mercy of life although there will be times when this is how it appears. We have control over our reactions to life events. It is always in our hands as to how long we choose to be a prisoner of our reactions. Never, however, be afraid to ask for help if the load feels too heavy.

Taking care of your body by eating properly, and regular exercise is paramount to our health. Never underestimate the benefit of sleep. Look after the body and its natural needs but also look after the mind by exercising it and meditating to clear it of unwanted baggage. We can study our minds and our reactions to events as this will helps us to anticipate when we will require extended meditation periods or quiet walks in nature. Recognize the ego’s deceptive qualities and do not be led astray.

Find balance in all things. Do not own events or issues. They are not yours. They are simply events. Recognize your triggers and be prepared but most of all nurture your vessel so that it can serve you well.

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