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Is our life’s route preplanned? If so, do we orchestrate this plan? What is our part in this course of action? How are we a determining factor in what takes place?

These questions are certainly a point of interest for many. There are question after question concerning whether our lives are predetermined or whether we play an integral part in the overall events that seem to play an orchestrated role in our lives.

Many believe that we have set in motion the events in our lives before we were conceived and we were pushed into full earthly existence at our birth.

Is it possible that we, as our soul energy, placed requirements that must be met at some junction point in our lives? Did we put together a set of learning experiences that would unfold during life to enable the much needed experiences and evolutionary growth so that we can move in our intended direction? Are these events actually valuable lessons?

These certainly are some of the concepts in place to offer an explanation for our existence.

Is this existence comparable to a dream? What part are we playing as this dream develops forward?

Regardless if this is a dream or something else truly does not matter. The important part is that we stay focused in the moment and live there to the best of our abilities. Our focus slowly manifests over time and our concentrated attention to detail writes the story of our emotional experience of this life. Therefore, it is imperative to be appreciative and to center our focus on what is and not on what should have been or could have been.

Back to our beliefs……some individuals believe that although the route is preplanned, our own free will can step in at any time and we can make alterations along the road. There are always choices and when we come to those forks in the road, we make the conscious choice on which path to follow. There are no mistakes along the way; just lessons. Our choices can create tedious lessons or simple easy lessons.

I am not going to be any help here for you to decide what feels right for you. You can form your own opinions and rightly so, for who knows better than you about your lessons set in motion?

Not only do we have a spiritual connection to our higher selves but we are our higher selves. At any time, we can go deep within to find the answer to any of our questions. We have a connection that can’t be severed and can never be lost.

Our journey teaches us and pushes us in the direction that promises the greatest growth. It is up to us individually as to what we choose to believe in, how we wish to motivate ourselves and what course we will take. What is experienced is our own personal quest, and we will always learn the lessons we must as all paths lead to the same end result.

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