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We are here living this earthly experience for a short period of time. Time itself passes without concern, and we move along with it. We can slow its movement somewhat by remaining focused in the present, but it marches on regardless.

Our objective is to live life to the fullest, enjoying each and every moment, finding ways to absorb and learn the challenging lessons without owning them.

Move ahead with your objectives and make them count. It is never just about material achievement but more in line with spiritual advancement, although there usually is a temporary contentment with financial improvement.

Recognize your short comings and stop identifying with them, so you can release them as they are not a part of your true identity. Remember you are a spiritual being who has decided to return to the earthly experience to learn and advance in ways that are clearly taught through earthly experience.

If you view yourself from this perspective, what are you truly capable of achieving?

You are the only one that holds YOU back regardless of life’s experience. We will go through unmeasured joy and tough periods, but we all return to our place of origin. We are here to explore, experience and expand. Live each moment, enjoy what is right in front of you, learn, release negativity and follow your guiding voice, the one that is forever on and at your side.

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