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As we open ourselves up, we will become more aware of our souls’ or personal guides. This all unfolds as it should. We cannot hasten the process no matter how much we may wish to recognize the presence of these guides. All events in life happen or unfold in their own time.

We can feel the presence of our guides from time to time in different ways but whether we feel their presence or not they are always with us. We will feel their presence in sublet ways and as we become familiar with these subtleties, we will recognize their continued presence more and more. As we continually raise our vibrational level, we become closer to the vibrational levels of the spirit plain. The gap continues to close as we continue our spiritual development.

Our quest is far from over, but the stage is set and we are on our way. Many are moving along similar routes and we connect together. Our development and growth is ours alone but we are never alone in our journey.

Have faith in the process and let go of control. The process is out of our hands although our attitude and beliefs influence all. Much is changing. Eventually we will not be able to step back or deny what is. Denying the truth is ultimately impossible and we will “discover” along our way…one foot in front of the other.

Take hold of your destiny. Share it with those that are ready to understand. Accept the process without restriction and the flow will accelerate. We alone hold ourselves back.

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