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There are two formulas to calculation the placement of your Part of Fortune. There is a day calculation (you sun is above the horizon in your natal chart) and a night calculation (the sun is below the horizon in your natal chart).

Most Astrologers (with a few exception of some modern practices) still use the two formulas as these are very accurate calculations.

The daytime formula is to add the Ascendant degree to the Moon’s degree and then subtracting the Sun’s degree.

The nighttime formula adds the Ascendant degree to the Sun’s degree and then subtracting the Moon’s degree.

Here is a reminder of the degrees of each of the zodiac signs to assist with the calculation.

Aries - 0°-29°, Taurus – 30° -59°, Gemini - 60°-89°, Cancer - 90°-119°, Leo - 120°-149°

Virgo - 150°-179°, Libra = 180°-209°, Scorpio - 210°-239°, Sagittarius - 240° - 269°,

Capricorn - 270° - 299°, Aquarius - 300° - 329°, and Pisces - 330° to 359°

Again, the daytime and nighttime calculations take into consideration the placement of your Sun in the natal chart. Daytime calculations are calculated when the Sun is above the horizon (houses 7-12) while nighttime calculations are determined if your Sun is below the horizon (houses 1-6).

There are many sites available which will do the calculations for you by inserting your information and being given the Part of Fortune placement. If you choose to do your own calculations always use the total degrees as set out in our chart above. If you do use your own calculations remember that the seconds and minutes only go up to 59 not 100.

Here is an example. In the natal chart the Sun (below the horizon) is 23 degrees Scorpio, the Moon is 7 degrees Libra and the Ascendant is 1 degree Scorpio.

Ascendant (210+1= 211), Sun (210+23=233) and Moon (180+7=187)

Ascendant+Sun-Moon = Part of Fortune (sun below horizon)

211+233=444-187=257 (257° (within Sagittarius) -240 (Sagittarius starting degree) =17) which is 17° Sagittarius

The Part of Fortune relates to worldly success and its energies are definitive together with the MC’s energies. Astrologer Noel Tyle refers to this as the mid-heaven extension and describes the Part of Fortune as the areas of expertise we might follow or advance towards as this describes what suits us in our vocation and career.

The Part of Fortune is also associated with our health and physical body, (together with the Ascendant, the sixth house and the twelfth house). The twelfth house is known to speak in terms of health conditions, and issues that are chronic, and lifelong illnesses.

It is important to take into consideration the ruling planet of the POF. In our example above the POF is in Sagittarius and therefore the ruling planet is Jupiter.

If, for an example, the POF were in Capricorn, the ruling planet would be Saturn or if in Scorpio, the ruling planet would be Pluto and so on. The general condition of the ruling planet in the natal chart is quite definitive and should be considered relevant when trying to decipher what the occupation and the vocation might be. Remember, there can be a huge difference between our vocation (our calling) and our occupation (what we do for a living in order to survive).

The sign and house position of the POF is connected to inborn character traits and abilities not taught through traditional means. The North and South Node define our path in life and the POF may help us move in that direction. Innate abilities or God-given talents are also found in quintiles and even any bi-quintiles (respectively 72degrees and 144degrees) found in our chart. So integrating these understandings will assist us in our journey and push us towards our objectives that should be our personal goals to be accomplished.

The aspects to the POF along with its ruler play significant roles in determining the ease of its expression or the challenges linked to using these energies appropriately.

Remember if you find that your POF is very challenged in the birth chart, it only means that it will take more work and dedication to reach these objectives but they are certainly still attainable.

It is said that nothing worth-while comes without some work, and accomplishment is directly related to our belief in whether we can reach our goals or not.

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