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We are continuing our look at the past life signature from our Part I post on June 15, 2020 and Part II on June 17, 2020. We would suggest reading the previous two articles to get a little background if you have the time to do so.

We still need to go deeper with this signature and see if there are any planets making aspects to this Sagittarius South Node position we are using as our example. Conjunctions bring emphasis into the equation and if for example this individual had Pluto attached by conjunction to this placement then there may have been power struggles and issues related to control. Huge transformations would have accompanied this individual throughout life, due to the difficulty brought on by Pluto’s contact. Pluto deals with open conflict and can unleash powerful forces that create havoc in life, but it also opens doors that would otherwise have remained closed. Pluto is the agent of disruption through aggressive action and everything changes as it moves through by transit when it touches an area of life defined by the house position.

It is important to look at what energies have been brought forward into this incarnation due to the life events set in place from a previous life. This person in our example because of Pluto’s energies may currently have issues related to power struggles and change, and transformation would be part of life now as well. It would be important for this individual to get to the core of what ails them and uncover any details that might be hindering their growth potential set in place by the current North Node’s position in Gemini (found in the sixth house). There may be a fear of being taken advantage of or not being worthy. This could be a person who is all giving and there may be little take. This might be the markings of a martyr or someone who expects nothing in return. They may even have a failure complex or they may become ill due to constant worry or anticipation.

It is important for this individual to obtain information on how to move forward with these characteristics. Perhaps, they would need to realize their own personal importance and their religious beliefs could actually provide them with faith in the process of healing. Perhaps they must learn to be self-reliant and to face life’s challenging conditions and work their way through these adversities. Perhaps they are now here to help heal others because of their instinctual knowing of this suffering, but first they would have to heal themselves and free their minds, accepting that something good awaits them just around the corner.

There is much information to be found concerning past life in our birth chart. Armed with this information can help us to understand our current challenges and provide information to help us look ahead as to what this life might be about.

When we are reviewing or getting a feel of the personal characteristics in a past life, we look at the South Node position by sign and house. The sign and house position provide detailed accounts for both the basic characteristics as well as the circumstances surrounding the individual. We also look at the conjunctions that are part of the profile to the South Node, again all found in the natal chart. We also need to look at the ruler of the South Node which in our example would be Jupiter which rules Sagittarius.

To get a clearer picture of the theme behind that a past life experience, we look at aspects to the South Node, especially the square and opposition aspects.

We have briefly looked at past life information that can be deciphered in the natal chart on June 15, 17 and today.

Look at your natal Astrology chart. What is it telling you about your past and your current lessons?

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