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Past Lives.....Fact or Fiction?

Are past lives fact or fiction? This is a question that has been baffling people for eons.

Is there a possibility that we have lived in previous lifetimes?

Have we been here before?

Is this our one and only life, and what happens when we die?

There have been many mystics, among others, that are quite comfortable with the concept that we have lived before. There are countless individuals that truly believe that they have had recalls of past lives. Some have experienced glimpses through past life regression. Many of us have heard of stories where people claim to have experienced a “knowing” feeling as if they have been somewhere before yet know without a doubt that they have never been there in this lifetime. How can this be possible?

We, personally, have seen an English speaking child under two years of age speaking fluent Chinese to a shop owner. The Chinese owner said the child was talking in his language and questioned if the parents could also speak Chinese but they could not. How is this possible?

It is said that in the meditative state one can have many experiences, such as out of body experiences, finding their eclectic records and the remembrance of past lives. Are all these fabrications of the mind or is this possible?

Undoubtedly, we all have heard of experiences from those individuals who have clinically died and came back to life. These individuals refer to a light or walking in a tunnel towards a light. Some say that as they were walking towards the light that they reached a point where they knew that if they passed it there would be no returning. We have also been told that some are told to turn around and go back that it was not their time to come. How can we explain this?

We hear more and more people having “special” experiences. Does it not make you questions, what is normal or “super”natural and what is not?

Are these experiences not just our individual perception of reality? We, personally, cannot help but question just how little we actually understand. What is the big picture and what is our part in it?

We each have a choice to be a skeptic, to be a believer or we can just be open to all potentials. Fact or fiction--what is your interpretation? We leave it in your hands to come up with your own personal perception of what reality is and what your part actually is. It is certainly wide open for discussion, isn’t it?

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