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We are continuing with our focus on the many different patterns that can be found in an Astrology Chart from April 23 and 25, 2018.

Locomotive or Open Angle Pattern

In the locomotive pattern, the planets within the horoscope all fall inside 250 degrees. In this chart pattern, there will be no more than 60 degrees of empty space without planets. So no planets within the configuration will be separated by more than 60 degrees. The chart area that does not contain planets linked together will cover the area of a trine, so 110-130 degrees of unoccupied territory. If a chart has all of the planets within this pattern (linked to 250 degrees of space or less) then the two outside planets will be in trine to one another.

When this configuration is found in a chart, there are some energies that operate similar to strong Aries tendencies. These individuals will be enthusiastic, will have a lot of energy and will often have qualities that provide a strong determination to succeed with whatever endeavours that are important to this individual. They are self-driven and motivated. The midpoint of the trine, so the midpoint of the empty space, will be linked to the area of life that the individual will be driven towards to achieve.

The first planet connected to the Ascendant whether by conjunction or even just separation (for example the Ascendant is at 5 degrees, Taurus and Mars is located at 21 degrees Pisces) moving in a clockwise direction is known as the driving force behind the motivation. The energies of the planet, its sign position and house location will be the driving force used to bring action into the midpoint of the trine. So using our example above, Mars will be the driving force by sign and house placement that pushes into action the midpoint of the trine in the empty space.

If Mars, for example, is in Pisces and located in the twelfth house, the energy will be to secure financial or security in life aimed at the midpoint of the trine. If, for example, the midpoint falls in the seventh house and in the sign of Scorpio, these energies would deal with providing security and financial stability within the marriage or through a business partnership. Scorpio’s energies could make this a matter that runs deep and that goes through transformation and new beginnings because of this push.

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