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We are continuing with our focus on the many different patterns that can be found in an Astrology Chart from April 23, 25, May 2 and 4, 2018.


The Fan Pattern is similar to the Bundle pattern discussed on May 4, 2018, in that all the planets are contained within a trine pattern (120-130 degrees) except one or two in close conjunction with one another. This is known as the handle of the fan. This planet or conjunction of two planets (tight conjunction) in the handle have to be placed no less than 60 degrees from the closest planet and has to have at least one of the planets within the cluster (trine 120-130degrees) in opposition to the handle.

For example, if one of the planets (Jupiter) contained within the trine configuration is at 15 degrees Gemini, the handle or planet not part of this trine cluster will have to be at least 60 degrees away from the cluster and in opposition to Jupiter. This handle planet in our example could be Mars which would be at 17 degrees Sagittarius. The closest planet formed out of the Cluster would be Saturn for example at 12 degrees Libra.

The individual with this Fan pattern accentuated in their natal chart will implement the handle planet or tight conjunction of planets as their foundation for sustenance and fuel which is used to fulfill or gratify their needs. In our example, Mars is in opposition to Jupiter and is known as the handle in this configuration. Mars could be used to facilitate action or as a push for this individual when attempting to satisfy their needs. The house position of Mars would be the area of life that the energies of Mars could be used to give the required push to move forward. The opposition between Jupiter and Mars should also be delineated to get a full picture.

You always have to look at all the different ingredients within a chart for full interpretation, however.

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