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Peer pressure applies to all age group. Although most of us associated peer pressure with the formative years, many of us allow this pressure to influence us well into our adult years. Fitting into their group of friends is very important to most people. Unfortunately, we act as we “think” others expect us to act and as a result, we stray at times far from our “real” self just to feel as though we fit in. We display a different image to each individual we meet.

There does come a time, however, that we begin to understand our own uniqueness and we slowly disconnect ourselves from the need to be as others think we should be. In reality most other people do not see us the way we see ourselves. Ask ten people to define who you are and you will receive ten different descriptions. So at some point you will have to ask yourself who are you really trying to please.

In our process of trying to please, we lose ourselves along the way but eventually we begin a search for self. We realize we are lost within ourselves. If we are honest, we must admit that the best person we can be is who we truly are.

The difficulty with self acceptance lies in filtering out what it is we like and dislike about who we are. Self-awareness is a process that can be very painful, but arriving at an honest solution is the first step in making desired changes to who you want to be. You cannot change anything about yourself until you become aware of who you actually are.

If we take an honest look of the core person, we will discover many, many character traits that are quite admirable.

To assist in allowing true development, take a moment and write down, with complete honesty, all challenging personality quirks as well as the encouraging character traits. This will assist in initiating the process. Acknowledgement is step one. As you uncover these characteristics decide whether you want them to be part of the new you or something that you no longer want to identify with.

Each time we notice unwanted reactions, we must reminder ourselves that this reaction is not who we are. It takes time for this awakening to unfold but the process has begun.

In six months from now, again take notes on what your positive character traits are and what unwanted conditions exist. Compare the two notes. You will be amazed at the rapid change that has taken place and how much more comfortable you are with the true you. Yes; it does takes time, but it is well worth the effort.

Happiness is a choice. If you are unhappy with your life, one of the reasons may be that you are not being your true self. Awaken to the possibilities and to the “you” who is waiting to be released.

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