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In a world that seems to be currently ravaged with hatred and dominance , we look for unity in our “fight”. Our fight is not one of anger or violence. It is not one of greed or injustice. It is a fight for unity which is not for the faint of heart, yet calls on all of us to act. Join together as brothers and sisters to unify for one reason and one reason alone, to bring us all together in peace and harmony, to bring us together as one, as the greater whole.

We came into this world under the same general conditions, under the same energies, without judgement and free of burden. This is our birth right and still holds true today no matter what choices others make. Most of us have buried our innocence along the way, but this innocence is at our core. It is not lost. It is simply bound in hatred and lack of trust but can be released and enjoyed once again through love.

Allow love to rule your world from this day forward. Through love, your children, their children and their children can live in peace with one another. We are the teachers through example. Through love we can allow our true self to awaken once again. United we stand; divided we do surely fall.

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