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Do you feel as though you simply have had enough and wish for something to come along to lift you out of the stress and chaos?

All things in life regardless of how they currently feel are temporary. Nothing, absolutely nothing, lasts forever in this earthly existence. Even the most tedious conditions will shift, and you will see your way though any life event. Beyond a doubt, there will be times in everyone’s life, that we will be pushed into life circumstances that we prefer not to experience and we will be pushed to what might even feels to be the brink of our sanity but these are the memorable lessons, the lessons that will see us through the greatest growth.

No one escapes this life without some turmoil, but we DO persevere. Life does rebound once we get through these transitory states. We have to remain strong and determined in the face of our challenging lessons. All challenges will pass and our objective with each challenge should be to dig deep enough to uncover the lessons being taught.

Some of us might want to challenge this suggestion as things may feel bad enough as they are without asserting any more energy into something that already seems to be all consuming. We might even feel that the energy required to uncover the higher lesson is too time consuming or too disruptive. If we take the time required, we will gain valuable knowledge which can actually complete the lesson readily. Some life lessons on the surface may seem to have little meaning, but somewhere deep down there is a purpose.

Understand that the more challenging the conditions, the greater and more significant the lesson. Do not own the chaos for if we do these events can have profound effects on our well-being. Some of us hold on to the events so closely and carry the burden personally to the point that we can suffer from “dis-ease”.

Life lessons can be challenging but much to our surprise, we do have energy and perseverance reserves at our disposal if we choose to utilize them. We can always find a solution to all challenges. They may not be the ones that we were hoping for but we will find the ones that we need. Sometimes letting go is the solution and sometimes digging in and conquering the condition is the solution. Regardless of what the solution is, we must never give up. We are worth the effort. Letting go and “letting life” is not giving up. There will always be conditions in life that cannot be altered. Addressing them from a different standpoint will guide us to a solution.

With perseverance, we will find the best possible solution. Do not give up. We must give each challenge in life our all, believe in ourselves and know that we can move through these lessons. In the end we will be a much wiser and armed with tools that will assist us in the future. We will learn flexibility.

We can and will make it through any life condition. We will be stronger because of them. We can! We will!

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