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If you take a quick glance at the difficulties facing our world, many issues come down to our financial system. It is clear that it does not work. To make it worse, in one way or another, we are all at the mercy of our attitude towards our financial situation. There are many ways that money can affect our lives and regardless of our financial state there always seem to be some problem associated to our own personal world of finances.

The rich seldom seem to be satisfied with their situation and in many cases, greed has led to difficulties at the expense of those at the lower end of the economic scale. There are those that barely survive in our so called civilized world and there are those that are rich beyond belief.

If we stop for a moment and truly analyse our financial situation, we could put our financial wealth into perspective. Compared your financial standing to those in third world countries. These people struggle just to find meal. There are resources available that could provide much needed assistance and agricultural help that could alleviate or at the very least assist with these struggles.

Pay heed to the family squabbles that erupt due to financial matters. Many families experience separation due to finances. Sit in on a mediation session with a separating couple to experience a distorted attitudes towards money.

The master of these matters is our attitude towards money. These attitudes are the creators of many disruptions, family heartaches, and world hunger.

It is clear that our attitudes toward money do not work.

How do you allow your finances to control you?

How will you allow your financial state to affect you, your family and the world around you?

Is it not time that we put money in its proper place? True happiness is found within. True happiness is experience when we truly love ourselves and then can share this love with others.

We do live in a material world but that does not mean that we are measured by what we own and our status in life. With our distorted value system, over time, we have more respect towards those that own more. If money were so significant, why is it that when we die we have to leave our material possessions behind?

Does it not seem reasonable that anything of true value has its place and would still have significance even at the end of life and even more important after life?

Let us share and spread our wealth – our true wealth that comes from deep within. The most valuable gift we can give to others is our selves.....our love..... our attention. We can also share our material wealth with those that need it. Start with the ones that matter, the ones close to your heart. Make sure that they do not go without – emotionally or physically.

In this material world, we do need to look after ourselves and our family, but there is usually a little left over. Why is it that the food banks are always short, and what can you do to change this? Together we can make this world a better place for everyone and in our own small way, we can start that ripple effect.

To be on the giving end, we also are on the receiving end of our gifts. The feeling of knowing that we have truly helped someone in need is immeasurable.

We have to be thankful for all that we have in life. By giving to those in need, we also afford them opportunity to experience the same thankfulness and to know that they too are important and worthy.

To all of our Canadian followers, Happy Thanksgiving.


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