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We will be experienced the Full Moon today, September 2 at 1:22 a.m. EDT. The September full moon is called the Corn Moon.

A New Moon is a time for setting goals and the Full Moon in the same sign, some six months later, is a time to reap the rewards and finalizing what you began during the New Moon’s energies.

The Full Moon is a time of harvest, a culmination point, and as with a garden, what you put into the garden and how you maintained and nurtured it during the season defines what you will reap at the end of the cycle. Effort equals rewards.

This Full Moon is at 10 degrees in the sign of Pisces. Anything mystical or considered psychic might fit into the energies linked to Pisces. Pisces is a very sensitive sign and deals with intuition, spirituality, dreams and the imagination among other things. If, for example, you decided to pursue a course in healing and took up Reiki instructions six months ago during the time of the New Moon in Pisces, now would be the time when perhaps you are finished your studies and are at the stage to move into serious practice using what you have been taught.

Pisces is linked to the senses and is powerfully connected to emotions and feelings, and if you follow your intuition and are guided by your feelings, you might just be right on target with the plans that now have come to fruition. Much will depend on the house this Full Moon is found within your birth chart as well as any natal placements that are aspected by this Full Moon at 10 degrees Pisces. The house is the area of life being affected and by going into the aspects, you can define how these energies will play out on a personal level.

If this Full Moon creates many squares in your natal chart, then the energies can be much more challenging, but the encounter will be powerful enough that it causes you to do something about it. If the aspects are favorable, then the energies will play out in a more smooth, flowing manner than if the energies were on the challenging side. Conjunctions bring emphasis and align with whatever the energies are in relation to the planet or angle involved.

Do not forget that you have been building on this over the past six months, so if you did your homework and prepared accordingly, you can use these energies to enhance what you initiated then. Energies peak at the Full Moon and consequences begin to surface and come out into the open.

Your perception will be enhanced, and your visualization techniques will also be augmented. Some form of enlightenment may be on the horizon and you can ease into what is set into motion.

Push ahead in your endeavors and make changes if change is due and if things are not working out then now would be the time to let things go and prepare for a new start at the next New Moon phase in a couple of weeks.

Transiting Uranus is making a trine to this positioning of the Full Moon and what Uranus’ energies are likely to bring forward could be considered somewhat radical. You may act in ways that you would not otherwise be accustomed to doing. Uranus speaks of change and a new route due to the need for freedom from anything that no longer serves a viable purpose.

Uranus can bring about change and disruption in sudden and unexpected manners. Often, we have indicators that tell us that we are in need of a change of direction and if we choose not to follow through then the energies can be unleashed and come through in a much more profound and aggressive manner.

Uranus always works to push us in the direction that now suits our evolutionary path.

Enjoy the energies of this Piscean Full Moon.

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