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Jupiter will be moving through one whole Astrological sign during 2017. It moves through Libra completely from 13 degree and onward and then moves into the sign of Scorpio later in the year.

If you have your Sun in Pisces from and within orb of Jupiter in the sign of Libra (7 to 29 degrees) you will be experiencing the quincunx aspect from February to October 2017. Quincunx or inconjuncts are known to produce some stress in life although with the planet Jupiter as part of this aspect, the stress will not be overly profound. It is more about expansion through spirituality or religious inclinations or teachings. The quincunx speaks in terms of stress because of the need for adjustment and can make things uncomfortable if you decide to become immovable or are unwilling to make the adjustments required. Go with the flow.

Jupiter in the sign of Libra speaks in terms of balancing life. This could include your relationships, especially your significant other. It can also be in more personal areas of life. There is a need for harmony and at the same time, justice for any wrong doings in the past and/or in current situations. There could be marriage problems that now need to be faced and acknowledged and then dealt with. Sun in Pisces people (and this is in general terms, the whole chart will have to be examined to find other mitigating factors), is a sign that often has problems when dealing with hard-core facts, especially when they become emotional or hard to face. Check to see which house transiting Jupiter is moving through as well as the house of your natal Sun. These will clarify which areas of life will be involved. An example would be, if the 3rd and 4th houses are involved, there might be issues within the family where communication is lacking and some adjustment will have to be dealt with.

Seeing things as they are could be challenging at this time and not allowing the mind to interfere with what is actually taking place is what needs to be manifested. Imagination plays a key role in what is unfolding and keeping track of what is real will be important. Watch for escapist attitudes where you may want to run and hide from the truth through substance abuse. If these problems are too difficult to handle, you might want to seek professional support.

On another level, you could find that your mystical understandings and spiritual insights have a great potential for expansion during this time. This is where you will need to make the adjustments. Once again make sure you are seeing things as they truly are and that you are not allowing imaginative slights to interfere with the process. This can be an enlightening period if you choose to follow this route.

When Jupiter moves into the sign of Scorpio, it will be in trine to those that have their Sun in the early degrees of Pisces right through into the later degrees, even as far as 24 to 25 degrees of Pisces. This trine will be in effect from October, 2017 to the end of the year. Trines speak of easy flow so many of the Piscean people that were affected by the earlier quincunx transit may now have dealt with the issues mentioned. If changes were made to adjust to life circumstances, the floodgates may now be open for further insight and positive experiences as time goes by. This will carry over into 2018.

Once again check the houses involved and also see if you have an aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in your natal chart as this will give you further information as to how these energies will be unleashed.

Part II of this forecast will be posted Monday, March 6, 2017. What more can you expect in the upcoming year?

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