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A New Moon is a time for new beginnings; a time for a fresh start; a time to plant seeds that will be ready for harvest when the Full Moon is in the same sign in six months’ time from now.

The New Moon on March 13, 2021 is in the sign of Pisces at 23 degrees. This is a time for fostering in new directions and moving ahead with plans, and the first month of influence is when these energies are at their strongest.

Pisces is sensitive to emotions and also the subtle incoming energies often associated with the mystical side of life. The house position of this placement will be the area of life that is involved. Pisces sometimes takes on too much in the “feeling” department and has a difficult time separating their own feelings from that which is taking place in the outside world. This may be the time to surround yourself with people that are more positive and have an impact that brings feelings of comfort and peace.

Currently, transiting Neptune is at 20 degrees Pisces and transiting Venus is at 19 degrees Pisces. These two planets will be making a wide conjunction (major aspects to Full or New Moon’s must be within 3 degrees), and although this conjunction is at its furthest distance by degrees, there will likely be some mild influences taking hold. You would also have to have a planet or angle in your natal chart that is either conjunct, in opposition or square to this positioning for this New Moon to have a particularly strong influence in your chart. The trine and sextile can also have an impact but usually they are a softer energy and may not as noticeable.

Venus and Neptune together may indicate an important love connection (often a female of significance being part of the energies taking hold in life). Venus and Neptune together can bring feelings of intense love although perhaps mysterious or vague in some manner. This can be a spiritual connection which is highly emotional and quite touching. This is often the start of something new, a beginning of sorts and what begins now can grow or dissipate as time moves forward. Don’t forget Neptune is involved in the equation and Neptune can dissolve matters or it can move things in a new direction.

If this is the beginning of a somewhat magical relationship, it will be important to make sure that you are viewing this with clarity, and that affection is genuinely generated from both sides. If this conjunction occurs in the fifth house or even the eleventh house, for example, this can be a friendship leading to something with more meaning. Love can run deep at this time and romance may be strong.

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